At Adia, a career is not built with age. It's carved out of passion, joy and commitment.


Ernesto Lamaina
Chief Excitement Officer
(Founder, CEO)

Tayfun Ates
Spiritual Leader

Maebellyne Ventura
Growth Hacker

Stéphane Turquay
Product Manager


Martin Meyer
Executive Sponsor

Andrea Corrado
Head of Sales

Sonja Fehr
Head of Operations

Angela Steffen
Digital Sales Consultant

Nicole Hammer
Digital Sales Consultant

Christa Moser
Digital Sales Consultant

Patrick Graf

Janina Pfister

Thania Tran

Nishi Gnaneswaran
Trainee Recruiter

David Rogl
Operations Consultant

Ines Möller
Operations Consultant

Joana Da Silva
Operations Consultant

Laila Lijliana Müller
Operations Consultant

Alexandra Kessler
Operations Assistant

Sayen Wolfensperger
Trainee Operations

Pamela Lorenzo
Operations Assistant

Lara Bollhalder
Operations Assistant

Sina Kohlhofer
Junior Digital Marketer


We built Adia, a digital recruitment platform, to meet the growing demand for temporary work and to ease the pain of finding short-term staff.

We believe that the recruitment experience can be better. That technology can be leveraged to eliminate inefficiencies in the world of work. Our platform helps jobseekers find flexible work opportunities easily while giving employers access to great talent whenever they need.

Adia offers complete transparency to both sides of the market. Employers decide upfront how much to pay their staff and see the skills, experience and ratings for each person before making a hire. On the other hand, jobseekers find out exactly when and where each job is, what it entails and the wages on offer for every shift.

Launched in October 2016, Adia is available in Zürich, Bern, Basel, St. Gallen and Luzern. We started with a simple app to match jobseekers with employers in their local area. Today, we’re changing the way people earn a living and how businesses cope with fluctuating demand.