The following Terms of Use regulate the use (including mere access) of the website https://adia.com owned by Just In Time Staffing, Swiss based company having its registered address at Uetlibergstrasse 134, CH-8045 Zürich – (“Adia”) including the contents and services made available therein (the “Website”). Any person who has access to the Website (“you”) hereby accepts the Terms of Use which shall be in force each time the Website is visited.

Adia recommends you to read the Terms of Use carefully each time you intend to use the Website and, if applicable, the corresponding Special Conditions, each time you intend to use the relevant Content or Service.

In any event, Adia reserves the right to modify at any time and without prior notice, the layout and structure of the Website, as well as the Terms of Use and/or the relevant Special Conditions, if any.

Use of the Website


The Website does not purport to constitute a source of advice or a means to establish a business client/provider relationship or of any other kind. Except as otherwise provided in the Special Conditions, the use of the Website shall be free of charge, notwithstanding the connection charge paid by you to have access through the relevant telecommunications network.

You acknowledge and voluntarily and expressly accept that the use of the Website is made under your sole and exclusive responsibility at all times. While making use of the Website, you undertake not to act in any way (i) that may damage the image, interests or rights of Adia, of companies which are directly or indirectly owned by Adia or of third parties, or (ii) that may damage, render useless or overload the Website, or (iii) that may impede, in any way, the normal use of the Website.

Adia establishes reasonable security measures to be implemented through operational third parties which are adequate to protect the Adia systems from viruses or malware. Nevertheless you must be aware that the existing security measures for Internet computer systems are not entirely trustworthy and that, therefore, Adia cannot guarantee the non-existence of viruses, malware or any other elements that may ultimately cause alterations to your computer systems hardware, software or to its data, electronic documents or files contained on the said systems.


The Contents of the Website are made available to you by Adia with information taken from its own and from third party sources. Adia tries to ensure that the Contents are of the best possible quality and reasonably updated, however, Adia does not guarantee the usefulness, preciseness, completeness, relevance of the Contents and/or whether such Contents are up to date and therefore Adia expressly excludes any and all kind of liability for error or omissions on the Contents.

Industrial and Intellectual Property Rights

The Terms of Use herein contained shall not be construed as to assign any industrial or intellectual property rights over the Website or over any of the parts thereof. You are therefore expressly prohibited to carry out any reproduction, transformation, distribution, public communication, making available, extraction, reusing, resending or in any way using, by any means or procedure, of any of the parts of the Website, except when it is lawful to do so or authorisation has been provided by the holder of the relevant rights.

You may visualise and obtain temporary private copies of the Contents for exclusive and private use in your computer systems (hardware and software), provided that the intended purpose is not to develop any commercial or other similar activity. You must abstain from obtaining or attempting to obtain, the Contents by means or procedures other than those which have been made available to you or indicated for that purpose, or which are normally used on the Internet (provided that the latter do not imply a risk of damage or uselessness for the Website). You shall respect at all times all the industrial and intellectual property rights existing over the Website, whether owned by Adia or by third parties.

Hypertext Links and Linked Sites

Hypertext Links

You and, in general, any legal or natural person who intends to provide a hypertext link or technical link device (such as, text links or buttons) from its web site to the Website (the “Hyperlink”) must obtain previous written authorisation from Adia (please contact: support@adia.com).

The insertion of the Hyperlink shall in no event imply the existence of any relationship between Adia and the owner of the site or the web page where the Hyperlink is inserted, or the acceptance or approval by Adia of its contents or services. In any event, Adia reserves the right to prohibit or cancel any hyperlink to the Website at any time, especially, in circumstances where the activity or contents of the web site where the hyperlink has been inserted are unlawful.

Linked Sites

The Website makes available to you, solely for the purposes of searching and accessing information, contents and services available on the Internet, hyperlinks or technical link devices (such as, text links or buttons), which allow you to access Internet sites or portals which belong to or are managed by Adia or any other third parties (the “Linked Sites”).

Adia does not approve, supervise or control in any way whatsoever the contents and services or any material of any nature available in the Linked Sites. Thus, you shall be exclusively responsible for the navigation between the said sites.

Personal Data and Privacy

Adia may request personal data. In order to know your rights and the use of your personal data, please read our Privacy Policy.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

These Terms of Use shall be governed by Swiss law and Adia and you shall submit to the competent courts of Zurich city, expressly waiving your right to any other jurisdiction.

Contact Data

Should you have any queries in connection with these Terms of Use or any other comment to make about the Website, please contact support@adia.com.


February 2018